Urban Energy Forum 2019 "Power to the People"

The Urban Energy Forum 2019 (Berlin, Germany, April 11th) will focus on the evolution of today’s energy economy, which challenges the status-quo of centralized power models of yesterday as we shift towards a decentralized electricity system that relies on clean, local power. Join us to learn about the latest trends whereby independent prosumers become central to the business models and technologies of tomorrow.
UEF 2019 will unite smart and clean technology experts from Berlin and the international community, delivering an exciting program that will provide insights to the shared energy economy of the future. The innovative technological shift from centralized utilities to peer-to-peer business markets brings with it both barriers and opportunities – all of which will be discussed at Urban Energy Forum 2019. Topics covered will include blockchain markets, smart grids, the shared economy, 100% renewable energy, and more.


More information in the attached flyer. If you are interested in participating, please contact

Fecha Publicación 26/02/2019