Learn how to do a successful proposal at the CELTIC Launch Event! - 9th December 2022




CELTIC Online Spring Call Launch Event

Thursday 9th December  2022 (9:00 CET)



CELTIC-NEXT LAUNCH EVENT will be held online on the 9th of December 2022This Launch Event aims to expand knowledge, boost visibility and promote cooperative efforts for innovative results for this Spring Call 2023.





During the event, you learn tips for a successful proposal with the 4 CELTIC basics!




1. Targeting the Scope
By following of the new CELTIC-NEXT StrategicRoadmap 2021-2025.

2. Market relevance and exploitation potential
It must return value for money to the Consortium and to the Funding Countries.

3. Follow the Rules with the Right mix and balance of participating Countries and Partners
It should create a good consortium (balanced, different countries and company profiles). It is not a National Project with “some” links abroad, but a true international balanced cooperation, ideally with no more than 60% and never over 75% of effort and/or budget in one country only.

4. Technological Innovation
It has to be a new, innovative, forward-bringing project for the digital community within the CELTIC domain areas.













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We also invite you to pitch your new project idea if you have one by using the following template and sending it back by the 1st of December at midnight to event@celticnext.eu

Get in touch with us to inform us about your intention so that we can assign you a timeslot in the event's schedule, and even organise a consortium-building session for you to develop an ICT project!